React Hook Form vs Formik - React form library comparison in 2021
Nikola Grujicic
1 min

Why I choose only those two libraries to compare ?

All other libraries have a lot less Github stars & weekly downloads which means that they are not as popular in the community as those two.

We are gonna be judging them by several factors:

  • Number of stars on GitHub and weekly downloads on NPM
  • Performance
  • Development
  • Customisation and extendibility
  • Size
  • Open issues
  • Updates


Github stars: 27.4k⭐️

NPM weekly downloads: 1,380,392⬇️

Performance: The performance is good but it does not address the common problem of re-rendering.

Development: very easy to use, has great features, validation needs to be explicitly developed and applies for each input.

Customisation and extendibility: fully customisable.

Size: 12.7 kB

Open issues: 510

Updates: very often.

React Hook Form

Github stars: 21.1k⭐️

NPM weekly downloads: 833,738⬇️

Performance: The performance is very good, it fixes the re-rendering issue which all other libraries face and also the time to mount the component is much better compared to Formic or other libraries.

Development: very easy to use, has great features and the validation is made easy, it also has a form builder which is very helpful to make a form in a fast and easy way which later you can extend and customise how ever you wish.

Customisation and extendibility: fully customisable.

Size: 5.2 kB

Open issues: 2 ( considerably smaller than Formik which could mean that the library is maintained much better than Formik that has 510 open issues or that they don’t report enough issues, not sure about this).

Updates: very often.


While Formik is a great form library React Hook Form beats it at almost every stage of comparison, it is faster has less issues and it has the form builder.

Winner: React Hook Form → https://github.com/react-hook-form/react-hook-form

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